A Fresh Perspective…

Photo by Bud Helisson on Unsplash

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes are desperately needed. If you have bad eyesight, some nice and hip new “specs” can help you see a lot clearer and give you a fresh pair of eyes. Or, maybe you are tired at looking at your living room the same way all the time. You might ask a friend to bring a “fresh” perspective to your living room decor and help you rearrange it in a new and exciting feng shui (full disclosure: I had to ask Siri how to spell that…).

Such is the case with our lives isn’t it? Ever since I began my professional career I’ve always heard quotes similar to this:

The only difference between the leader you are now and the leader you will be next year is the books you read and the people you get to invest in you.


Fresh Perspective on Life

Where do you find a fresh perspective on your life? From those who are closest to you and who are building into your life. When people are going through the Enneagram journey, they are often told to ask the questions to their spouse just to be sure they are answering accurately and honestly. Having somebody else speak into your life who is “for” you makes a tremendous difference in regards to your self-awareness.

When I was torn and trying to figure out if I was a “Seven” or an “Eight” on the Enneagram, I asked my wife and others who really knew me to speak into my discovery journey. When I feel challenged by something, I will go to those I trust who are “for” me and ask them for their fresh perspective.

A Caution…

There’s a big difference between those who think they have the right to speak into your life and those who you really should have speaking into your life. Having the wrong perspective can wreck the direction your life needs to go. But, what a difference it can make to have people surrounding you who are for you and speaking the truths into your life that you need to hear.

I think too often we seek people who will just give us “confirmation bias” where they will simply agree with anything you say and never challenge you. Good luck fulfilling your big ambitions with blurred vision from others. Be very careful who you allow to speak and share in your life (more on that topic in a later post).

Seek a Fresh Perspective

The reason I wrote this short blog today is to challenge you to seek a fresh perspective on your life. Ask those people who are trustworthy to come into your inner circle and help you gain clarity. When I talk to people about the Enneagram I will always encourage them to take the test with somebody else they trust so they can have a fresh perspective on how they really move through life. What a difference that can make! So, the question for you to wrestle with today is this:

Who can offer you a fresh, new, and trustworthy perspective on your life? And, do they know they are invited to do so?

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