Crushing The Now

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

I’m a growing Podcast listener. I love music so that’s normally what I’m listening to but I’ve been challenged lately to listen to Podcasts as I grow as a leader. Podcasts are always a great way to engage with the world and with the minds of great leaders. Here’s a few I’m listening to right now:

  • Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast
  • Typology with Ian Morgan Cron
  • Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff

Last week I was listening to one of these amazing Podcasts and the leader was interviewing an individual who said something that hit me right in the face. Let me explain.

My “8” Tendancy

A pitfall with my personality type (8 = The Challenger) is that I will always be thinking several steps ahead that I will neglect what’s happening right now. I love new trails to blaze and new challenges to take on. It’s honestly hard for me, personally, to see victory because I like to move on from a task or project as soon as it becomes too easy for me. And, because I do like control and struggle with fulfillment, I am always wondering what my “next” is. Thinking about our “next” is a really good thing, BUT we must not miss a key principal that I heard put so finely into words last week on this Podcast.

A New Philosophy

Soon as I heard this I just knew God was pounding at my heart to remember this one phrase:

“If you crush it in the now, it will lead you to your next”

Sam Collier

Too often we may find ourselves fixating on what’s next. It’s not just the type 8 personalities either. I think all of us can fixate on what’s next, especially in the fast paced culture we live in. While dreams are good and we MUST refuse to get stuck we also must do the absolute best we possibly can in our current circumstances. We must, “crush it in the now.” And when we crush the now, it will inevitably lead us to our next.

What’s your “now”?

So, what’s your “now”? What can you crush right now that could lead to your “next”? For me right now, I can think of a few things. One instance for me is that I know I want to preach more and more. So, when I get the chance to preach at the church I’m serving, I will crush it every time! Surely you have something in front of you that you can crush right now.

You may be a secretary. You may not want to always be a secretary but if you are crushing it, somebody is going to take notice and it could open up your “next.” If you’re an intern, you may want to be full time. Crush the internship and it could lead to your “next.” If you can’t think of what you can “crush” right now, you aren’t trying hard enough. Or maybe your list is far too long. Narrow the focus to the things that really matter and that will make a difference. That’s what I’m doing right now as I evaluate my role where I’m currently working.

Hopefully this gives you some food for thought today. As you get ready for another workweek, take some time and reflect today on what you can crush beginning tomorrow. Then, go crush it!

What do you have to “crush” right now to lead to your “next?” Comment and share!

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