You Might Be A “6” If…

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Welcome back to this fun series I’ll be doing every now and then called, “You Might Be A …” In this series I’ll take each number on the Enneagram, mix in some humor (of course), and help guide us to knowing how and why we respond to certain things. For today, we have our “Loyalists.” SIXES are our Loyalists. So the question is = what’s it like being a Six? Disclaimer: I married a 6… #bestdecisionever Well, you might be a “6” if…

You might be a “6” if:

People love having you on their team

You can always count on a 6. You will never up and leave, you are in it for the long haul. A redeemed 6 can somehow combine traditions with the readiness to take on new paths… The rest of us wish we could do this; but for 6’s it’s a lot easier. A good, solid Six is cooperative, reliable, and a great team player. You are highly productive and you will be asked to take on more responsibility. You can handle it, even though your inner voice is screaming that you can’t or already planning what “could” go wrong. The truth is, you’re anxious about success. You long for certainty which you don’t find often and this can lead to anxiety. People love how creative you are and how you can analyze, problem solve, and predict what will go wrong before it even happens. Be careful that you don’t become too much of a “devil’s advocate” though.

You might be a “6” if:

You can rise to great courage

People often joke about how you fear everything. In fact, there’s a lot of people who mistakenly label themselves as Sixes just because they have anxiety. But you are capable of going beyond the anxiety and rising to tremendous courage. People look up to you because you are so courageous. They wonder what your secret is… Your secret is that you have had to grapple with fear all your life and at some point you get tired of fear winning so you decide to take courage. You have a constant back and forth from analyzing all the things that could go wrong with what could go right. Your list of what could go wrong is always longer. That’s why it’s so impressive when you rise to courage and why you have the greatest courage out of ALL the other types on the Enneagram. Keep it up.

Here’s a funny example from my wife about how you can be so courageous but doubt at the same time: We took a trip to California this Spring for a church leadership conference and then some vacation. During our vacation portion, we decided to get tattoos. They are our very first tattoos so it was a brand-new experience for us. Through the entire process I watched Sara have such courage about the experience and such confidence in knowing exactly what she wanted to get. Me, I was a mess trying to figure out the “absolute best” possible choice for my tattoo. And already planning for my next one. My wife was so confident and sure.

Soon as we were done getting our tattoos and got into the car to head back to the hotel, she immediately became anxious that she would “get into trouble” with her parents. She’s a grown woman but the thought of her parents being upset frightened her. So much that literally the next day she was on the phone admitting it to them! But guess what her tattoo says? It’s a great reminder for her every day = FEAR NOT! Ha! Such a beautiful picture of a 6’s back and forth with fear and courage.

You might be a “6” if:

You never really feel “secure”

Your eternal quest is for security and safety. The photo at the top of this post is an accurate picture of what you would like your home security system to be like so you can see every possible angle an intruder would come. Fear is at the core of many of your decisions. Know that at times you tend to procrastinate and just allow the anxiety to build and build. Those you dearly love may become agitated because they want you to just take the first step. But what your loved ones must remember is to ALWAYS validate your feelings! Your quest for security is why faith in Jesus is so appealing to many 6’s, and rightfully so. Jesus promised His followers to “Always be with them until the end of the age.” This is a promise straight to the heart of a Six. If you follow Jesus, remember that truth!

You might be a “6” if:

You have been told you worry too much

When someone says to you, “Don’t worry about it, it will all work out” you just want to immediately throat chop them. To those who don’t live in their fears as much as you they may not get the big deal. They may have a hard time understanding how a person can have as many concerns as you do. They may even call you pessimistic. What you would love from them is simply empathy to acknowledge your fear and not poke fun at it. Something you can grow towards is not allowing your fear to paralyze you to where you simply don’t take action. If you can conquer your anxiety and rise to courage, you will succeed and your life will be marked by more than fear. A path to growth for you and your fears is to “name” them! When you can put a name to the things that hold you captive, you can identify them and begin to rise above. My wife has a list of what she calls her “I Know” statements that give her that courage when fear creeps in. The world needs more redeemed 6’s even if they are the most common type among the Enneagram. What’s uncommon is truly redeemed 6’s.

You gotta love the Sixes!

I’m pretty partial to 6’s since I married one. With my personality type, that was the best decision I could have made! 6’s possess the most courage than any other type since they have lived through every fear. When a Six is growing and breaking free from their fear, watch out because the world is about to change! Sixes make workplaces better, church a place you want to be, and family a warm and encouraging environment. Thank God for our beloved Sixes!

Think you might be a Six? You can take a free test here.

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