You Might Be A “1” If…

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Welcome back to this fun series I’ll be doing every now and then called, “You Might Be A …” In this series I’ll take each number on the Enneagram, mix in some humor (of course), and help guide us to knowing how and why we respond to certain things. For today, we have our “Reforming Ones.” Ones are our Perfectionists. So the question is = what’s it like being a One? Well, you might be a “1” if…

You might be a “1” if:

You get things done and it turns out great

Everyone loves a good, solid One on their team. You are the people who are going to get things done and do them right. You are the one that, when you’re healthy, will bring out the best in others and push others. They see you doing your job so well that they are excited to do it well with you. Whether it’s family, work, or an organization you volunteer for you make it better because of your inner drive for perfection. It’s not necessarily a bad thing (although it can be if it spins out of control) but you have a deep desire to be perfect and to have others pursue their very best. The temptation is that sometimes you think your “best” is what everyone else’s “best” should be… Tread softly.

You might be a “1” if:

You feel court is always in session

Let’s be honest, you’re kind of hard on yourself (and sometimes others). You feel like your inner court is always in session. You are your own persecutor, judge, and defender. As a child, you probably learned to meet your parents expectations as to not be punished or to win their approval. You’re driven by a longing for a true, just, and moral world. Sometimes the fact that the world is so unjust makes you very angry; you are in the “gut triad” after all. I’m an “8” which is also in the gut triad so I get that drive for justice! As a One, you are not afraid to fight for what’s right and pursue what’s right. Keep it up because the world needs more people like you!

You might be a “1” if:

You’re accused of being a micro-manager or “nit picker”

Alright, full disclosure, this one may sting a little. The unique thing about each Enneagram number is there is some hard truths lodged inside of each personality. Sometimes you already have a very specific idea for how something should be done that you don’t leave any room for somebody else to be creative. You may ask what someone thinks but you already have the “right” answer pre-packaged and ready to go. Same goes with projects you may hand off to others. You already know how it should be done. People know that you have a strong view of how something should be done so they learn to just wait because you’re going to do it your way anyways. Thus, you have earned the title of: micro-manager.

The truth is, some people need managed more than others. But in reality, you need to learn to back off and let others do it their way even if they fail. And remember, what looks like a failure in your eyes could actually be a huge success after all.

You might be a “1” if:

You have been labeled a “workaholic”

Here’s another one that might sting a little. You like to work, A LOT! Perhaps if you searched enough you would realize that deep down, you feel as if you’ll be punished if you don’t hit a certain number of hours in the office or if you don’t get a certain number of projects done at home. Or you feel like others aren’t pulling their weight so you have to pick up their slack which causes you to work longer hours. You may wish everyone else would work longer hours so you didn’t have to. What you must realize is that their fewer hours could very well be more effective and productive than your longer hours. The reality is, you probably don’t need to be “doing” all the stuff you’re currently doing. Let some things go even if it means they won’t get done. There may be someone else waiting to get that “thing” done but you’re holding onto it too tightly. That’s not always the case but please don’t hold other people to your standards, they will never make it.

You gotta love the Ones!

They call you Reformers and Perfectionists for a reason. Without you, things may still get done but be very sloppy and disorganized. I LOVE having Ones on my team. When healthy, they push me to a new level of quality in my work. I know that when I work with a One I won’t be able to get away with half-hearted work. I love that accountability. I hope you are encouraged by this post. I also hope that some of these hard truths sink deep and cause you to reflect and move towards personal growth.

If you follow Jesus, Paul was a One. If you know anything about Paul you are VERY glad he was a One. His drive for perfection is what planted tons of first century churches and the reason we have so many amazing letters on the Christian faith. He’s a prime example of the powerful impact a healthy One can have on the world and in other people’s lives. Paul mentored many young leaders (they make great mentors when healthy) and empowered others to make a difference. You can do the same!

Think you might be a One? You can take a free test here.

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