Flex your Ennea-Muscle

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Ennea-muscle? What on earth do you mean? Over the weekend, on July 4th, I was invited to go to a CrossFit box with my uncle to be his partner in the WOD (workout of the day). I enjoy CrossFit and have always wanted to go to an actual CrossFit box (or gym). Thankfully my uncle helped make that happen. 

As we were sweating and getting after it I started thinking about how working out is a great analogy for growing in our “growth point” for our Enneagram type. Every person has a type they move towards when they are in a healthy state of mind and growing. It often takes great discipline to remain in that state of mind and lean into our growth number. The more we “flex” and work on our state of mind and awareness the more healthy we will become. And when we are in our “stress point” we can flex our growth point muscles to help pull us back out eventually. 

For example, I know I’m an 8, so my growth point is a 2.  When I am healthy and growing we “Challenger” will move towards the healthy side of a 2 = The Helper. I become much more compassionate and people-oriented. I will also want to use my influence to help others and show them how they too can accomplish their goals. It’s a really fun place to be! But I must learn to be much more self-aware and identify when I’m moving towards stressful times and lean into my growth number more. Let’s give a rundown of each types “growth point” then talk about how we can all be intentional about growing. 

Your Growth Point

Each type has a growth point, as we stated earlier. We don’t have time to explain all of these so I’ll just list them here and you can do the research on what your growth point means. This will cause you to engage more with this blog post and be more intentional about your own path for growth. Here’s the quick rundown:

  • Type 1 goes to 7 (The Enthusiast)
  • Type 2 goes to 4 (The Individualist)
  • Type 3 goes to 6 (The Loyalist)
  • Type 4 goes to 1 (The Reformer)
  • Type 5 goes to 8 (The Challenger)
  • Type 6 goes to 9 (The Peacemaker)
  • Type 7 goes to 5 (The Investigator)
  • Type 8 goes to 2 (The Helper)
  • Type 9 goes to 3 (The Achiever)

It’s Better Together

The key to leaning into each of our growth points is self-awareness. The more self-aware we become the more capable we will be to know when we are heading towards both our stress point and our growth point. The best way to do that I learned from my experience on July 4th at the CrossFit gym. Ready for this? Here it is = WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER! When you go to a CrossFit gym, if you’re the first one done with the WOD, you’re the first cheerleader for everyone else. You help pull the best out of the other people finishing the workout. You don’t leave until everyone finishes. What a great picture of how we can each grow. 

You have to surround yourself with others who are “for” you and want to see you grow. When you are moving towards your stress point you can be pulled back out and towards your growth point if you have others surrounding you helping you get stronger. We weren’t created to just go about life on our own and hope for the best. We were created for relationships. When you feel yourself moving towards your stress point, you have 2 things you can immediately do:

  1. Seek out the people who are always “for” you and can pull you back out and help you grow.
  2. Seek out others that you yourself can help grow and empower. This allows you not to focus on your own stress but move towards growth by helping someone else grow.

Sure there are other methods that can pull us out of our stress point and towards our growth point. These are just some suggestions. And remember, our stress point really isn’t all that bad. Once we understand ourself more, we can lean into that stress point for a little while and grow under that stress. But it’s way better to do so together. So, don’t fear the stress. Lean into it and be intentional about moving towards your growth number by “flexing” those growth muscles. 

The point I really wanted us to get across is that no matter what “point” we find ourselves in (growth or stress) life is far better together. Just like in a CrossFit box, you are cheering one another on and the grueling workout becomes much more manageable. Let’s be “for” one another. Let’s be known by what and who we are “for” rather than what and who we are against. 

How do you move towards your growth point? How do you deal with your stress point?

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