Limiting Beliefs, you are NOT the boss of me!

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I don’t know if you all like to listen to podcasts or not. It’s a growing habit for me in this season of life where I have more of a commute than just 3 minutes to the office. I’m really starting to enjoy them. While I love my music it’s refreshing to take a break from music and intentionally grow from people I look up to. One of the podcasts my wife and I are both listening to on our separate commutes to work is the Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff. If you don’t know about Bob Goff, he’s someone you will DEFINITELY want to become acquainted with. He emulates love for people. His goal with this podcast is to help people pursue their big ambitions. It’s worth listening to.

Limiting Beliefs, what are they? 

A term I keep hearing Bob and his friends he interviews on the show say is, “limiting beliefs.” You know exactly what yours are if you stop and think about them for a moment. These are the negative messages you heard as a child and ended up believing they were your reality. They are the put downs at work that you encounter when you share a wild idea that you just know will work, but others shoot down. They are the hurtful things you had said to you from an ex boyfriend or girlfriend that you carry into every relationship you have had ever since. 

Limiting beliefs are those things that were said or are currently said to us that mistakenly get confused for our reality and keep us from pursuing our big ambitions and dreams. For some reason we have bought into them and view them as our reality. They may even be the reason why you fall on a certain “type” on the Enneagram. It’s why, when you have a big ambition, you immediately begin hearing reasons why it wont work, why you aren’t the person to do it, or why your ambition doesn’t matter. They are persuasive, degrading, and hard to overcome. 

News Flash

Here’s the truth we all need to hear about limiting beliefs = they are NOT the boss of you. There’s a preacher I like to listen to that says that phrase all the time and I just can’t get enough of it. Chalk it up to me being an 8 on the Enneagram (we don’t like being mastered by anything) but I just love it! Maybe you can try this out for size… Go ahead, name a limiting belief. Once you do, say the following phrase, and mean it!

You are NOT the boss of me! 

From, ME!

One limiting belief I have is: “You will fail at that. Then everyone will see how much of a failure you are and won’t listen to what you have to say.” Honestly, that’s why it took me so long to begin writing this blog. I kept thinking: “You have nothing to say and even if you did, you will fail and nobody will even listen.” Pretty depressing right? Tell me about it. Even as I write this I hear that limiting belief. But, here’s the message I’m throwing right back at it: YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! So, back off! 

So, Who is the boss?

For me, it’s Jesus. Then there comes the very few people I allow to speak into my life. They are people who I know are “for” me. And, the minute I don’t believe someone is “for” me I kick them out of that realm so they can no longer speak truth into my life. It’s nothing personal, just that life is far too short to allow limiting beliefs to hold me back from going after my big ambitions and dreams. 

Who is it for you? Who will you allow to really speak into your life? The issue we run into is that we allow far too many voices to speak into our lives and create limiting beliefs. I would literally sit down and make a list of the limiting things you have believed and who says them. Then, beside each one, write this: you are NOT the boss of me. 

Once you have done this, it would be beneficial to write down 1-3 voices you will allow to speak into your life. These are people you rub shoulders with who you know without a doubt they are “for” you. Here’s my list that I alluded to earlier:

1. Jesus – for me, my faith and relationship with Jesus is king.

2. Sara – my wife. I know she’s for me and I am for her.

3. Craig – a dear friend for many years that I know is for me.

I have two to three more but those are the top three. Who are yours? Limiting beliefs don’t have to be king of your life anymore. Place people in positions in your life who will speak truths that will help shape you into a world changer! 

What limiting beliefs have you believed? Comment below! 

4 thoughts on “Limiting Beliefs, you are NOT the boss of me!

  1. Philip you are gifted with words, and by sharing your experiences of eliminating these limiting beliefs, you help free the rest of us to do the same. You are a force for the kingdom, press on!


    1. Pam, thank you for your kind words. That means so much to me. It’s a legitimate joy to see people be free from those limiting beliefs. Thanks again!!


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