You Might Be A “7” If…

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Welcome to a fun series I’ll be doing every now and then called, “You Might Be A …” In this series I’ll take each number on the Enneagram, mix in some humor (of course), and help guide us to knowing how and why we respond to certain things. For today, we have our beloved Sevens. I thought I would start with them because they are probably, easily the most fun of all the types on the Enneagram. I love my Sevens; and it’s my solid wing (I’m at 8). So the question is = what’s it like being a Seven? Well, you might be a “7” if…

You might be a “7” if:

You’re always up for a random adventure!

They call you the Enthusiast for a reason. You are always down to go “do” something. In fact, you have a hard time sitting still. You resonate with this beloved Disney character: Anna from Frozen

“The sun’s awake so I’M awake”

Anna from Disney’s Frozen

You could be sitting with some friends after just seeing a movie and someone jokingly says, “Let’s go see it again.” You pull out your phone and buy everyone a ticket right away. Adventures are fun and people genuinely love having you on an adventure. But, you can get on some people’s nerves because you are totally ok with deviating from the plan to go “sight seeing” or take a detour. It drives those nuts who just want to get there and stick to their schedule. But you love the anticipation of adventure and will do anything you can to get it!

You might be a “7” if:

You know the right way to do something but you constantly ask, “Is it the FUN way?”

Mundane is, well, mundane. Nobody wants to be bored so they call you. If someone has a task to do, they will call you up because you will make it fun. Your parents dreaded taking you grocery shopping… You were the kid (and maybe still are) that would take the footballs and field test them down the aisle. You also made sure the bicycles that were just sitting there for anybody to ride worked well. Thanks for testing them for the rest of us. No matter what the task, even if it’s mundane, you will always seek to make it fun. I know in my life, I need to master how to make things fun. Thanks for showing me.

You might be a “7” if:

People accuse you of being an optimist.

People accuse you of being an optimist because you can take anything sad or limiting and recast it in the most affirming of ways. When you are healthy, you can take your pain and learn from it and encourage others to go through the same thing and come out better on the other side. You have to work really hard to get to that place though. The reason why is because you, as a Seven, really want to avoid pain. That being said, at first, you just want to avoid pain so you make yourself and everybody else see the negative as positive. Soon as the conversation starts to get too “deep” you will insert a funny joke to lighten things up. Sometimes it can really hinder your connection with people who need your caring and fun heart. The rest of us need to take a lesson from you and learn that limiting beliefs are NOT the boss of us! Thanks for that.

You might be a “7” if:

You secretly fear being limited and not taken care of.

On the surface you have a lot of fun. But it comes from a wounding message you heard in your younger years = “You are alone and nobody’s going to take care of you.” That being said, you became more experience oriented and are constantly planning something fun. We love that about you but you need to slow down and pass through the fear you have of being bored and alone. Please hear this = You WILL be taken care of! Sevens who become Christians have such freedom because they realize their care rests in the hands of Jesus. These people become movement makers and tend to draw their friends towards faith in Jesus. A very well known Seven is Bob Goff, author of “Love Does” and “Everybody Always.” Go ahead; read them. You will NOT be the same once you do.

You might be a “7” if:

Your curiosity killed the cat.

Your curious spirit, something that comes naturally to you, is truly a gift to the rest of us. We could really afford to be more curious. There are times, however, that your curiosity killed the cat… Rules are there for a reason. Even though you want to find out why that doesn’t always entail “breaking them or testing them” (although sometimes you just have to). Sometimes you struggle in relationships because you always wonder what the grass is like on the other side. You could have the most amazing relationship with the most amazing person but you find yourself sometimes wondering, “What if I could be even happier with…” You will need to search for contentment in your relationships. Once you find it, you will discover your most full life and will draw the very best out of the person you end up with. Lucky them!

You gotta love the Sevens!

I get energized from the Sevens in my life. I have a strong Seven wing so I take on many of their characteristics. If you’re a Seven, you can change the world. If you’re a Seven, know that you will be taken care of. If you’re a Seven, remember that you don’t always need “more.” If you’re a Seven, keep trying to help the rest of us reclaim making life fun again.

There’s so much more we could say about our beloved Sevens. This was just a fun way to engage the truths of the Seven mindset. I hope you enjoyed this post. Share it with your friends and stay tuned for more in this series!

Think you might be a Seven? You can take a free test here.

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