Somebody, please tell me what this is all about!

Welcome to my first “official” blog post. My name is Philip and I’m very excited to share with you. I’ve actually thought about doing this for a long time. Finally I decided that continuous planning is just a fancy form of procrastination so I need to just jump right in.

A little bit about myself…

I’m a guy who’s passionate about seeing others become their very best self. I know my own journey towards self-discovery and life change is continuously happening and I love giving hope and guidance to those who are seeking the same thing. My journey to where I am in life has been a fun, challenging, and ever growing one.

A very abbreviated version would be: riding bulls – becoming a Christian – preaching at a rodeo – deciding on ministry for a career – Bible college – youth ministry – getting married – transition out of youth ministry – discovering the Enneagram (what we will talk about a lot) – deciding to help people through coaching in life and leadership – now…

Like I said, that’s a very fast version of the whole story to how we ended up here together. I promise I will fill you in on all those I just mentioned in later posts (I know you want to hear more about bull riding). Just be sure to subscribe and you will get it straight to your inbox. Or, just check back later.

Also, I’m married to this really pretty lady… Classic case of a “2” catching a “10” (I’m the “2” as you can see)

What we are going to talk about…

In this blog we are going to focus life and leadership. We aren’t going to focus on just “doing” more stuff to become what everybody else deems as successful. Instead we will focus on “becoming” the person we need to be. When we focus on becoming we win at work, family, life, faith, and more. Some things we will talk about that I hope you will find helpful and encouraging:

  • The Enneagram and how to discover your type
  • Leadership best practices
  • Coaching towards a better version of ourselves
  • Life and relationships

That’s it for now. I’m planning to post 3-4 times a week. Feel free to comment, follow me on Twitter/Instagram, or send me an email to set up coaching. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! You rock!

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