The In Between

Time in the in between has been sweet. Closing up the chapter at my previous church and greatly anticipating the next one at the new. My family and I find ourselves in the “in-between.” We are calling it our “holiday” to sound fancy. In a couple more weeks, we both start back at work. Me…More

Showing Off

There’s a story about Jesus and one of his disciples that has recently come to life for me in a different way. It’s the story that’s found in Luke 5: 1-11. I love this story; especially now. In this story, Jesus calls Peter, a hard working fisherman. If you haven’t read the story, the neat…More

We’re Moving!

Oh wow, is this really happening? Yes, I believe so. Over the past few months we weren’t entirely sure all the time. The emotions that go into this kind of move are many. But in the end, we believe God has led us to this new adventure. Truthfully we feel it’s a calling on our…More

One Decision at a Time

“We write our life’s stories ONE decision at a time.” Words I recently read from one of my all time favorite authors, Andy Stanley. It’s really got me thinking at this specific point in my life. Every decision, large and small, writes our life’s story. In the face of big decisions, this is something that…More


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